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Speaker Edifier R101BT

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Overview:Equipped with a built in, fold away control panel that has USB ports, auxiliary input jack well. Side mounted control panel allows users to change track, navigate manually and automatically. The subwoofer is made of vertical cubic design. The medium density fiberboard material that helps keep the woofers still while resonating deep beats. Connect to your computer or any other device with the 3.5mm/AUX connector. Flip the switch on and immediately know when it is turned on with the green light indicator.Designed to create a good low-frequency effect. Magnetically shielded protecting your monitors and TVs from warping effects.


 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Multimedia Computer Speakers

Support Magnetically Shielded

High-quality With Subwoofer

Power Output: RMS 2W x 2 + 4.5W x 1

Input type: AUX/Bluetooth

Frequency response: Satellites: 120Hz - 20kHz & Subwoofer: 20Hz - 150kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: Above 80dB

Subwoofer unit: 106mm, Magnetically shielded, 4 Ohm

Midrange unit: 50mm x 90mm, Magnetically shilded, 6Ohm





Μοντέλο R101BT
Κατασκευαστής EDIFIER
Τύπος ηχείων 2.1
Συνολική ισχύς 8.5WRMS
Σύνδεση Bluetooth/3.5mm
Τύπος τροφοδοσίας 220V
Site κατασκευαστή www.edifier.com
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